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Synology provides a range of licensing options tailored for businesses that use their network-attached storage (NAS) devices and related software.


Some examples of Synology licensing for business include:

Operating System (DSM) License:

  • Synology's DiskStation Manager (DSM) is the operating system that powers their NAS devices.

  • DSM is free to use and comes pre-installed on Synology NAS products.


Package Center:

  • Synology Package Center offers various applications and features that can be installed on your NAS.

  • Most applications in Package Center are free, including essential ones like File Station, Audio Station, and Surveillance Station.


Active Backup Suite:

  • Active Backup Suite provides comprehensive backup solutions for businesses.

  • It includes Active Backup for Business (ABB), Active Backup for Office 365, and Active Backup for G Suite.

  • Licenses for Active Backup Suite are typically based on the number of protected devices or users.


Virtual Machine Manager Pro (VMM Pro):

  • VMM Pro allows you to run virtual machines on your Synology NAS.

  • It offers advanced features such as live migration, high availability, and snapshot replication.

  • VMM Pro licenses are based on the number of virtual machines you want to run simultaneously.


Surveillance Station:

  • Surveillance Station is a powerful video management system for monitoring and recording surveillance cameras.

  • It supports a wide range of IP cameras and provides features like motion detection, event management, and mobile access.

  • Surveillance Station licenses are required for each camera connected to the system.


Active Insight:

  • Active Insight is a monitoring and analytics solution for Synology NAS devices.

  • It provides real-time performance monitoring, predictive analysis, and optimisation recommendations.

  • Active Insight licenses are typically based on the number of NAS devices you want to monitor.


High Availability (HA):

  • High Availability is a feature that ensures continuous service uptime by combining two Synology NAS devices in an HA cluster.

  • To use HA, you need a license for each participating NAS device.


Additional Features and Applications:

  • Some advanced features and applications, such as MailPlus, Chat, and Drive, may require separate licenses based on the number of users or devices.


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