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Network Hub and Cable


Structured cabling plays a crucial role in establishing a reliable and high-performing network infrastructure. By having the right cabling solution in place, you can ensure stability and optimal performance within your environment.


Our team of engineers specialise in installing various types of structured cabling. This includes RJ45 cabling, such as CAT7, CAT6, and CAT5e, which are terminated and presented according to your specific requirements. Typically, these cables are labelled and connected to wall ports, which are then linked back to patch panels for centralised management and organisation.


In addition to traditional copper-based cabling, we also offer fibre optic solutions. Fibre links can be used to connect buildings or floors, providing high-speed and reliable connectivity. Furthermore, we can extend fibre connections all the way to individual desks, enabling seamless integration of devices and applications that require high bandwidth.


To ensure the quality and integrity of the installed cabling, we provide Fluke Testing services. Fluke testing involves using specialised equipment to evaluate the performance and speed of the cables. This comprehensive testing process can identify potential issues or faults within the cabling infrastructure that may not be immediately apparent. For example, a network cable might seem functional, but it could have an undetected fault that prevents Power over Ethernet (PoE) from working correctly. By conducting a Fluke test, we can pinpoint such problems and determine their exact location within the cable itself.

The Fluke test results are documented in a fully detailed report, which provides valuable insights into the health of your cabling infrastructure. This report allows you to identify and address any potential network faults before they cause disruptions or performance issues.


By proactively maintaining and troubleshooting your cabling system, you can optimise network performance, minimise downtime, and ensure a stable and reliable network environment.

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