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The 3 steps to a happy life are:

  1. Eat Healthy

  2. Sleep Well

  3. Keep Your Data Backed Up!


Unfortunately, backups are like insurance.  It only becomes useful when you need it and sits in the background in the meantime.  But when you need it, it becomes invaluable.

Our range of backup solutions can ensure you can rest easy knowing everything is there if you need it.

We can provide:

  • File data backups of servers.

  • File backups of laptops and PCs.

  • Image backup recovery of servers.

  • Immediate cloud server redundancy of on-premise servers.

  • Backup of local Exchange and Database servers.


Windows 365 is now available, providing a full “cloud PC” solution.


How can this fit into my organisation? Well, for example, you may have staff who use their own devices in your business (BYOD).  In this scenario the question of “how will our business data be kept secure” will be raised.

  • Does the user have anti-virus?

  • Is their personal drive encrypted?

  • Is there a risk the business data could be captured in their personal backup?

  • Could data be accidentally or maliciously transferred elsewhere?

  • Is their device powerful enough to run business applications?


Windows 365 provides the solution.

With Windows 365 users can click an icon on their desktop and be connected to a PC in the Microsoft Cloud.  This is a fully functional Windows PC but leaves no data or footprint on the users device.  This resolves a wide range of security concerns and ensures staff have a device powerful enough to run their daily tasks.

This is similar to Citrix / Remote Desktop.  This provides the solution for staff working on their own devices and need access to company resources, such as business applications (standard and custom), access to shared drives.  This is perfect for standard office users, utilising tools such as Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, SharePoint, OneDrive.  This means no company data is stored on the personal device and the performance of their own device is irrelevant, providing the user has a stable internet connection this will work.

Windows PC in the Cloud


Contact us

To discuss your requirements or a specific project, please get in touch.


We understand that businesses have different needs when it comes to their IT infrastructure. For some businesses, an on-premise server is the best option, and we are here to provide solutions that meet those needs.


An on-premise server provides businesses with full control over their data and infrastructure. This is particularly important for businesses that handle sensitive or confidential data, as it allows them to maintain complete control over their data and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. An on-premise server also provides faster access to data and applications since everything is stored locally, rather than being accessed over the internet. This can also be used for remote workers to work from home in a secure, sand-boxed environment, ensuring all staff have access to consistent business tools, taking away the need for corporate devices to be purchased for end-users.

Silver Cloud can help you manage and maintain your on-premise server, ensuring that it is always up-to-date and performing at its best. We offer nightly backups to ensure that your data is protected, and we also provide disaster recovery options to give you peace of mind in case of an unforeseen event.


Our team of experts can also provide support and assistance with any issues or questions that you may have, helping you get the most out of your on-premise server. Whether you need help with installation, maintenance, or upgrades, we are here to help.


HPE ProLiant servers are a popular choice for businesses seeking powerful and reliable server technology. These servers are built to deliver exceptional performance, while also offering cost-effective solutions that can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

One of the key benefits of HPE ProLiant servers is their impressive performance capabilities. With powerful processors and high-speed memory, these servers are able to handle even the most demanding workloads. Additionally, HPE ProLiant servers are designed to be highly reliable, with features such as redundant power supplies and advanced fault-tolerance technology to ensure maximum uptime. These servers also offer easy scalability, making it simple to expand your server infrastructure as your business grows. Overall, HPE ProLiant servers are an excellent choice for businesses seeking a cost-effective, high-performance, and reliable server solution.

On-Premise Server

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