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The sensible approach to the cloud

Most of the requests that we receive generally refer to moving clients data to cloud based systems so they can operate efficiently and securely anywhere.

With this type of project the process is not too difficult, but, like any project, this must be planned and thought through.

– What services are they looking to use? Email only, file storage, voice support, hosted databases?

– What systems do the end users have?

– What type of internet connection do the users have?

– How much data needs to be sent to the cloud?

– Are there security or compliance requirements?

Fortunately we have completed a high number of migrations to Office 365 and other similar cloud based systems.

We recently took on a new client. They had quite a complex environment in their office but due to changes in the way they were now operating most of this equipment had now become redundant. The largest concern for the client was where they were to place 200GB of Exchange email data and 350GB of archived documents and databases.

Before talking to us they sought the assistance of an individual who advised them the best course of action would be to migrate to a Home Premium plan of Office 365 and DropBox. Sadly, he didn’t grasp that 350GB of shared data in DropBox may have an adverse effect on 5 PCs replicating the same data onto their 200GB internal hard disks. Needless to say everything stopped working and the day to day business was brought to a halt.

Silver Cloud saved the day. Within 24 hours email services were resumed and PCs were restored to an operational state. Over the following days we gradually migrated all of their data and remaining Exchange data to an Enterprise plan on Office 365. They have now completely and successfully migrated to the cloud.


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